Seahorse Keyrings

These resin Seahorse keyrings have been created and handmade by Michelle.  Each pendant is individually poured so there are a few variations. No two pendants will ever be the same. Proceeds go towards the running of this website and associated business costs.

This link will take you to Michelle’s Art Page where you can make your purchase.


International buyers – Please contact me prior to purchasing. There are still delivery delays to all international destinations because of the impacts of COVID-19, including due to airline capacity and in-country delivery impacts. At this time all international items must be sent as parcels so impacts the total cost of the purchase.


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Redbubble is a global online marketplace for print-on-demand products based on user-submitted artwork.

 All commission received will go towards the running of this website and associated business costs.

This link will take you to Michelle’s Art Page on Redbubble where you can make your purchase.


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Due to the locations of the 3rd party printers and international shipping restrictions, products on our website are not available for the following countries:

  • Iran
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  • Sudan
  • North Korea
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  • Crimea
Please note: In response to the coronavirus global pandemic, there are additional countries to which carriers can not deliver due to their borders being closed. Please check with your local authorities and “Where does my order from Redbubble print and ship from?” to determine if your order might be affected.

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The Story Behind the Seahorse Logo


When the original Facebook Page started in 2012, Michelle was searching for something that would represent the Stomachless Community.  During her search of Stomachless creatures she came across the Seahorse.  Symbolically Seahorses point to the importance of friendliness. Everyone needs a friend, and you can be one to others just by showing kindness, compassion, and generosity.  She loved how this represented the intention behind what has now evolved into an amazing community.

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Gastrectomy Connections is not a registered non profit organization, therefore any donations to our site are not tax deductable.  We rely on the kindness and generosity of the community to assist with the associated costs of running our social media platforms.  We are administered by a group of volunteers who generously donate their time, resources and experience to the gastric community.



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